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Meet the team

Andy Walker

Managing Director

Ben Waterson

Technical Director

David Maxwell

Digital Marketing Director

Sabrina Steenson

Project Manager

Jack Lang


Matthew Gledhill


Alexander Maggs


“I highly recommend the team at Module, particularly for the ability to seamlessly blend in with the internal team and truly feel like an internal support.”

Gosia Woods

Head of Marketing and Business Development at Bindmans

“I have enjoyed working with their team who are always helpful, knowledgeable and proactive.”

Simon Edrich

Director – Accounts Co

“Module Studio is like family. They are the external team that become your internal support.”

Jan Goff

Communications and Marketing at Emile Woolf Ltd

“Module are great. They are both extremely responsive and creative, and they are supportive and friendly. “

Mark Cusick


“The team at Module are fantastic. Whatever we needed help with they delivered, and what’s more they do it in a way that is straightforward and uncluttered with jargon.”

Lesley O’Leary

Chief Operating Officer at Charles Russell Speechlys