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GS Avanti Cycling Club

Celebrating cycling heritage


Strategy / Brand strategy

Design / Brand identity / Website design / Kit design

Digital / Website

We combined an eclectic mix of new and old to create a brand with purpose and substance. A brand with a history and a future. An aspirational brand to inspire younger generations of cyclists, but also a brand with a sense of pride for those who helped to found it.

The overall direction, and ultimately the final logo, was designed to convey a desirable aesthetic that recognised and celebrated the heritage of the club. We mixed contemporary styling with vintage references to create a visual language that was relevant for the present, but that was clearly inspired by the past. This was our nod to Avanti’s proud history.

“Module provided a fresh look and feel for our cycling club – on and off the bike. We’ve had people joining us because our kit looks so distinctive! Their technical services also consistently deliver this same wow factor – chapeau!”

Director at GS Avanti

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